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October festival

You don’t need to go to Germany to drink golden pints at taxfree prices – In Longyearbyen you can taste your way through an extensive selection of frothy brews, all...  Read more >>


COOL PLACE – HOT MUSIC The world’s northernmost jazz festival at 78°N! Longyearbyen, Svalbard  Read more >>

Art Break Svalbard

Art Break Svalbard is an event at the beginning of the dark period in cooperation with the city's artists, craftspeople and tourism industry. The event conducted Thursday - S  Read more >>

Dark Season Blues

Dark Season Blues - the world's northernmost blues festival  Read more >>

Sun Fest Week

When the sun comes 8 March we gather at the old hospital stairs to the event "Solas return" on Skjæringa minutes before the sun turns out. It was called the "sun was...  Read more >>