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Welcome to Coal Mine 3

Have you ever been in a coalmine before? Join us today and dig deep in the history of Longyearbyen, the miners, all the coal dust and their life in the mountains.  Read more >>

Svalbard Museum

Svalbard Museum is a museum of natural and cultural history. Our ambition is to provide broad and comprehensive knowledge of history and nature in the Arctic. Svalbard Museum  Read more >>

Svalbard Brewery

Svalbard Brewery was established in 2011 and served it's first beers to locals and visitors in August 2015.  Read more >>

North Pole Expeditions Museum

The Spitsbergen Airship Museum opened in November 2008 in Longyearbyen, Svalbard. It recounts the heroic efforts made to reach the North Pole by aviation pioneers at the turn  Read more >>

Welcome to Galleri Svalbard

The Gallery and Longyearbyen Arts & Crafts Centre is in the same building, situated in Nybyen. Galleri Svalbard houses both permanent collections and temporary exhibitions, a  Read more >>

Gallery Storø

The blue light The Svalbard nature offers unique sceneries. These mighty impressions can only be captured - and reflected through genuine art.  Read more >>

Svalbard Church

Svalbard Church located in Longyearbyen, is the world’s northernmost church.  Read more >>