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Welcome to the High Arctic of Svalbard!

One of the world’s largest areas of untouched nature awaits you on 78 degrees north.  Read more >>

Activities week 31-32

Opening hours guide July

Opening hours for cafees, restaurants, museum, galleries and shops etc. in Longyearbyen.  Read more >>

Your safety on Svalbard

Svalbard’s nature is astonishingly beautiful – but also very unpredictable and full of surprises.  Read more >>

Polar bear

Polar bears are impressive creatures. They are the world’s largest land carnivores and for many people they have become a symbol of the arctic wilderness.  Read more >>

Passport control

The regulations concerning entry to and residence in Svalbard are different from the regulations on the Norwegian mainland. Although the Norwegian mainland is part of the Sche  Read more >>


During the winter, use the warmest and best you have. Several layers of wool, as well as windproof outer garments, are important. However, if you are going snowmobiling, this  Read more >>

Winter activities

The options for outdoor activities in Svalbard in the winter, are many. For easier navigation, click the button "Winter activities".  Read more >>

Longyearbyen - where the ordinary becomes extraordinary

Longyearbyen, the administrative home seat in Svalbard, is located on the biggest island called Spitsbergen. The city is today a vibrant Arctic metropol with a population of 2  Read more >>


Despite Svalbard being so close to the North Pole, the archipelago has a relatively mild climate compared to areas at the same latitude.  Read more >>