Welcome to Coal Miners' Bar & Grill where we make our food on a charcoal grill! We can offer great-tasting burgers and the best barbeque in town. We also got vegetarian dishes and salads. 


This building opened in 1948 and is known to the locals as ‘Stormessa’ – the big mess hall! Here the miners were served their meals between long shifts in the mines. They worked three shifts, and the miners’ mess was therefore open 24 hours per day. During the 1960s a dairy was established in the cellar of the ‘Stormessa’, which also housed the ablution block, post office and pay office.

During later years the ‘Stormessa’ became the reception and breakfast area for Spitsbergen Guesthouse. After extensive renovations to the Stormessa the guesthouse has been reopened and renamed as the Coal Miners’ Cabins, and Stormessa has become the Coal Miners’ Bar & Grill. Here you will find a menu made for the modern Arctic direct from the grill – real food for real explorers!

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