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Sea Lodge, Svalbard Villmarkssenter

An accommodation situated on very exclusive spot in Longyearbyen, by the sea. Here you can overnight in one of our modern apartments with a breathtaking view.  Read more >>

Tommy's Lodge, Svalbard Villmarkssenter

Do you want to experience arctic wintertime outside the city, both in the dark period with northern lights as well as the returning sunlight? Do you want to explore the colony  Read more >>

Arctic Bay, Svalbard Villmarkssenter

Sleep well and warm in your own sleeping bag. Are you on Svalbard and will experience the most, but also at a low price, we have the perfect offer! We rent out mattresses laid  Read more >>

Camping Svalbard Villmarkssenter

Want to experience Svalbard to the limit? Are you an outdoors happy person, and adventurous, we have accommodation that is perfect for you! If you want to try a night out in t  Read more >>